Top Holiday Flowers

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A quick and simple way to celebrate the holiday seasons is by sending someone flowers. There are so many beautiful choices in arrangements, accessories and bouquets to make any occasion a feast for the eyes.

Holiday Flowers

Here is a list of the top holiday flowers:


Halloween might be all about goblins and ghosts, but it can still be exciting with flowers that will liven up your home. Orange is the most preferred color for Halloween every year. Purchase Gerbera daisies of orange roses and create an eye-catching centerpiece with mini gourds or pumpkins.


Whether you are attending a seasoned party or welcoming guests into your home, fall flowers for Thanksgiving are a must have and work great as gifts to bring the Thanksgiving holiday spirit along with you. Flowers in rich reds, oranges and gold create a welcoming autumn elegance in any home. Fill vases with cranberries for added drama and interest.


Christmas is usually considered to be a Christian event celebrating the birth of Christ, but it’s also believed to be a secular holiday. The main visual symbol for Christmas holiday occasion is a tree that’s decorated with lights and ornaments. Flowers usually linked to this holiday are poinsettia, mistletoe, and holly, though wreath’s and white roses created from pine cones and pine branches can also make the best Christmas flowers. You can also add candles and evergreens to your arrangements for a fragrant touch.


This is a Jewish holiday that’s also referred to as the Festival-of-Lights, and it’s usually celebrated on dates that go as per the Lunar-based Hebrew calendar. This holiday usually lasts for 8 days, starting on the 25th day of Kislev. According to the usual (Gregorian) calendar dates, this celebration usually occurs around late November to early December. The story surrounding this holiday is amazing. The main visual symbol of this holiday is the lighting of the menorah. White and blue are the colors of choice for Hanukkah flowers. Iris, orchids, blue roses and Calla lilies are all great for this occasion.


According to the Gregorian calendar, Kwanzaa holiday starts on 26th December and lasts for 7 days. Kwanzaa holiday is also known as the community and determination celebration. This occasion celebrates 7 basic principles, one each of the 7 days. This holiday started as an African American celebration, using symbols and ideologies culled from different African cultures. A pretty new holiday, it’s now celebrated by both African Americans and others, in different parts of the world. Yellow, purple and red flowers dominate the Kwanzaa flower landscape. Sunflowers, daisies, orchids, and roses are perfect choices for this occasion. You can also add bright colors, African tablecloths, and runners to pull the look together.

The Bottom Line

Flowers are a great way of showing people how much you love and care about them. Be it any occasion, flowers will prove to be the best gift. Holiday flowers are a vital part of your holiday celebrations. Flowers make the occasion bright and there is no shortage of floral fabulousness for every event, holiday, and style.